2nd International simposium "Moscow Premium. Corneal pathology", March 1, 2013

Dmitrii Demeniev, Georges Baikoff

Dmitrii Dementiev, Nikolay Pashtaev

Boris Malyugin

Igor Solomatin, Dmitrii Dementiev, Nikolay Pashtaev

Dmitrii Dementiev, scientific chairman of the 2nd International Symposium "Moscow Premium. Corneal Pathology "

2nd International Symposium "Moscow Premium. Corneal Pathology"

Dear  colleagues!

 The Corneal Surgery undergone  revolutionary changes over the past few years. The opportunities of the cornea specialists have increased significantly due to improved microsurgical techniques, careful selection of donor material, the introduction of new metods of preservation of donor tissues. Corneal surgery is moving towards "selective" keratoplasty. The use of cell therapy and tissue engineering is actively present in corneal transplant surgery. Today, we are able to isolate stem cells from the donor amniotic membranes and transplant them into the  sick  cornea, improving its structure and transparency for certain diseases treatment.

Restoration of endothelial cells by cell technology may soon become a reality, and the first clinical trials are just started. The use of femtosecond lasers, scanning optical devices let us to prepare donor material of the highest quality, which guarantees better results of the surgery.  That is why was selected the subject of the  2d International Symposium "Moscow Premium”-  the  Corneal Pathology. The use  of latest technology in the diagnostics, surgical and conservative treatment of corneal diseases with the most modern equipment in recent years have entered in advanced eye clinics and significantly improved the outcome of many diseases.
 Like the organizers of the symposium, we are looking forward to  switch on high-quality exchange of experience using the latest technologies in the field between  the leading specialists from Europe, US and Russia, as well  as to activate to the attendees the  opportunity to participate in development  of international research in the treatment of pathologies of the cornea in the near future.

Symposium "Moscow Premium. Corneal Pathology “ will be held in Moscow on March 1st at the beautiful palace, belongs to ministry of foreign affairs. We invited 120 doctors from every city of Russian Federation, all are involved in Cornea treatment. The invited speakers George Baikoff, MD (France), Emiliano Ghinelli, MD (Italy), Eric Abdulaev, MD International Sight Restoration Inc, Tampa(FL) USA, Neel Desai, MD, Largo (FL) USA, Boris Malugin, MD, (Russia), Nikolaj Pashtaev,MD (Russia), Jurij Kalinnikov, MD (Russia),  Dimitrii Dementiev, MD (Russia/Italy) will have the lecture of 25-30 minutes, topic is modern approach in diagnostic & surgery of corneal pathology.

Mostly it will be about femtosecond laser technology in corneal transplantation, eye banking,collagen cross linking, stem cells use etc. It will be one day only  meeting with participation of the most influence cornea specialist in the country. Also we are going to publish a book in Russian language  "New in the diagnostics and treatment of pathologies of the cornea" , for the domestic practitioners with all the presentations that will be present at the symposium and also other articles or chapters we asked to give us for publication   from top corneal surgeons, like J.Alio, J.Guell, M.Busin , etc. We are sure that all that will help the Russian doctors to "jump" in the modern technology of corneal surgery.


Dmitrii Dementiev,

Chairman of the Scientific Symposium "Moscow Premium. Corneal Pathology "